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Java Question

Should I override service() or doPost()?

I was reading a book on servlets, in that book a brief explanation is given about the servlet class, as well as the


There is one example for filling in a form- for that form, the servlet's
method is overridden by the class. But for another example of a login form, the
method is overridden instead.

I want to know why the 2 different approaches- I thought that usually we put our custom code into
) and let
remain as it is. Is there any reason behind using either one of the 2 approaches, or can I use both approaches in any situation?

Answer Source

Do not override service() method. The preferred approach is using doPost() for post and doGet() for get. Here is an excellent post on what each does.

If you must respond to requests made by a client that is not using the HTTP protocol, you must use service().

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