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CSS Question

Do I not understand the flex-grow property?

I'm afraid I must not understand flex-grow. If you jump to the JSFiddle below - the way I understand it,

should be three times the size of the other
. As you can see, not so. Why?

.flex-container {
padding:0 20%;
.flex-item {
border:1px solid black;
.big {

<ul class="flex-container">
<li class="flex-item big">Why isn't this exactly three times the size of the other one?</li>
<li class="flex-item">Not really working like expected I don't think...</li>

Answer Source

You have to specify a value for flex-basis as well (not specifying this property causes behaviour similar to using the initial value, auto).

Add flex-basis: 0; to both children or just set it with the shorthand:

.flex-item {
    flex: 1; /* flex-basis is 0 if omitted */
.big {
    flex-grow: 3;

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