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python click help formatting newline

I am seeing that a newline is not being preserved in my EPILOG? I want to know why if I see that newline remains only when a line has


# http://click.pocoo.org/5/commands/

import click, sys

def main_caller(*args, **kwargs):
print('act on arguments', args, kwargs)

EPILOG = '''
# oneline
# twoline

# oneline with 74char x
# twoline with 74char x

@click.group(help='wwwwwwwwww', epilog=EPILOG, invoke_without_command=True, chain=True)
@click.option('-v', '--verbose', default=False, help='Print Verbose messages')
@click.option('-l', '--logfile', help='Path to logfile to store log messages')
@click.option('-a', '--action', multiple=True, type=click.Choice(['act1', 'act2', 'act3']), default=['act1', 'act2'])
def cli(*args, **kwargs):
'''foo bar'''

@click.option('--debug/--no-debug', default=False)
def cmd1(*args, **kwargs):
print('cmd1', args, kwargs)
return 'cmd11111'

@click.option('-x', '--xxx', default='x')
def cmd2(*args, **kwargs):
print('cmd2', args, kwargs)
return 'cmd22222'

def process_pipeline(*args, **kwargs):
print('process', args, kwargs)
print('args', sys.argv[1:])

if __name__ == '__main__':

Output is:

/click_sandbox.py --help
2017/02/24 19:31:43 Platform overridden to 'RHEL5_64'
Usage: click_sandbox.py [OPTIONS] START_OR_STOP COMMAND1 [ARGS]... [COMMAND2


-v, --verbose TEXT Print Verbose messages
-l, --logfile TEXT Path to logfile to store log messages
-a, --action [act1|act2|act3]
--help Show this message and exit.


# oneline # twoline

# oneline with 74char x
# twoline with 74char x

Answer Source

Your newlines are not being preserved because the epilog writer does word wrapping. This can be solved with a subclass to click.Group, by creating a format_epilog() which does not do word wrapping:

class SpecialEpilog(click.Group):
    def format_epilog(self, ctx, formatter):
        if self.epilog:
            for line in self.epilog.split('\n'):

# Tell click to use our epilog formatter
    help='wwwwwwwwww', epilog=EPILOG, invoke_without_command=True, chain=True)
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