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A better code to make an empty square with using numbers

hi i want to make an empty square with numbers and i have the code like this:

L = input ('input your numbers = ')
M = (L-2) * ' '
P = L - 1
x = ""
y = ""

for a in range(1,L+1):
x = x + str(a)
print x
for b in range(2,L):
print str(b) + M + str(P)
for c in range(L,0,-1):
y = y + str(c)
print y

i just want to know if you guys can help me with the better code.. idk i just feel not satisfied enough with my code.. maybe you can give me an alternative ways (add some condition or maybe create increment and decrement number only use 1 function ?)
btw this is the first time to ask in here hehe


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Not exactly the same output as yours (due to print placing space after each digit), but example how to accomplish the same by detecting edge and calculating value:

n = input('> ')
m = n-1

for i in range(n):
    for j in range(n):
        if i == 0 or j == 0:   # top or left edge
            print 1+i+j,
        elif i == m or j == m: # right or bottom edge
            print 2*n-1-i-j ,
        else:                  # inside
            print ' ',