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How to insert text from RTF to Word Document in c#

I am using winservice for creating Word docs.

The only problem I have is to Paste rtf to word Selection.

I have this code:

private static void PasteRtf(object bookmarkName,
OFFICE.Application wordApplication,
Document wordDocument, string rtfText, bool winservice)
if(bookmarkName == null ||
wordApplication == null ||
wordDocument == null) return;

if (!winservice)
Clipboard.SetText(rtfText, TextDataFormat.Rtf);
IDataObject formatedText = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
if (formatedText != null)
Selection sel = wordApplication.Selection;


Do you have any idea how to do that without using Clipboard?

Answer Source

If your RTF text (or Word, or any other compatible format) is located in a file, you may use Range.InsertFile or Bookmark.InsertFile method:

string FileName = "C:\\Sales.docx";
object ConfirmConversions = false;
object Link = false;
object Attachment = false;
bookmark1.InsertFile(FileName, ref missing, ref ConfirmConversions, ref Link, ref Attachment);

Range.InsertFile Method (Word)
Bookmark.InsertFile Method

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