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is it possible to use QtConcurrent::run() with a function member of a class

I can't seem to be able to associate

with a method (function member of a class) only with a simple function. How can I do this?

With a regular function I cannot emit signals and its a drag. Why would anyone find this a better alternative to
is beyond me and would like some input.

Answer Source

Yes, this is possible (and quite easy).

Here is an example (from the Qt documentation):

// call 'QStringList QString::split(const QString &sep, SplitBehavior behavior, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const' in a separate thread
QString string = ...;
QFuture<QStringList> future = QtConcurrent::run(string, &QString::split, QString(", "), QString::KeepEmptyParts, Qt::CaseSensitive);
QStringList result = future.result();

Basically, all you have to do is pass a pointer to the object as the first argument and the address of the method as the second argument (followed by any other arguments).

See: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtconcurrentrun.html

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