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How to sort objects from js array, by object key/value

I have an array which contains many objects. I am trying to sort the array based on the key value of each object.

So, the object looks like this:

var info = [
{name: 'Adam', age: '1987-01-09T18:23:20.000Z'},
{name: 'Issac', age: '1988-09-02T11:17:11.000Z'},
{name: 'Tom', age: '2003-08-07T13:07:03.000Z'},
{name: 'Jane', age: '1997-17-01T14:57:41.000Z'}

I am trying saved the new (sorted) data into a variable called

var sorted = info.forEach(function(person) {
var age = moment(String(person.age)).format('MM/DD/YYYY');

return age

}, this);


So, I have momentjs, to change the date into a time format that can easily be
sorted, but the
console.log shows me

Honestly, I don't even know how sorting functions work. At least it should return the
from the loop and thus
should not have been empty

Answer Source

forEach isn't used to sort, neither is it used to change an array. For sorting, you should use sort.

The sort function sorts an array by comparing elements in pairs. You need to give it a function that will "compare" two elements. The "compare" function takes in two argument a and b, and should return a negative number if a<b, 0 if they are the same, and a positive number if a>b.

Therefore, the code below could works:

var info = [ 
    {name: 'Adam', age: '1987-01-09T18:23:20.000Z'}, 
    {name: 'Issac', age: '1988-09-02T11:17:11.000Z'}, 
    {name: 'Tom', age: '2003-08-07T13:07:03.000Z'}, 
    {name: 'Jane', age: '1997-12-01T14:57:41.000Z'} 

info.sort(function (a, b) {
    return (new Date(a.age)).getTime() - (new Date(b.age)).getTime()

Also notice that the fourth date you have given - 1997-17-01T14:57:41.000Z, is invalid since month number must be less than 13.

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