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Apply CSS to active router link [Angular 2]

I would like to apply special CSS style properties to active router links:

<a [routerLink]='link'>{{name}}</a>

Here is what I tried so far (Using the default router-link-active class):

.router-link-active {
color: #000;
font-weight: bold;

It doesn't work and I really don't understand why.

Answer Source

Currently Angular 2 has a built in attribute that you can use on any link that is used with [routerLink] it is routerLinkActive so all you need to do is have:

<a [routerLink]='link' routerLinkActive="router-link-active">{{name}}</a>

and then it will recognize which route is the current active route and apply your router-link-active class.


For those who are using routerLink on tags other than a tags, (personally i am using it on a button) routerLinkActive doesn't work but should work on the next release of the router -

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