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Python Question

Create combinations between lists based on sequence position

I'm trying to create sequences from shuffling conserved motifs in known sequences of proteins.
For example :

seq1 = ['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHI']
seq2 = ['JKL', 'MNO', 'PUR']
seq3 = ['QRS', 'TUV' 'WXY']

The result I am looking for is : ABC DEF PUR / ABC DEF WXY / ABC MNO GHI / ABC MNO WXY / ABC MNO PUR / JKL MNO GHI / JKL MNO WXY / JKL DEF GHI / JKL DEF WXY / JKL DEF PUR etc... 3^3 combinations

I already tried using all functions in itertools module (
, ...) and nothing gives the wanted result.

I am new to programming there may be something very obvious that I am missing...

Answer Source

If I understand correctly, you are looking for the Cartesian product of the grouped elements of each list. For this, we can use itertools.product after zipping the sequences together.

In[1]: from itertools import product, izip
In[2]: seq1 = ['ABC', 'DEF', 'GHI'] 
In[3]: seq2 = ['JKL', 'MNO', 'PUR']
In[4]: seq3 = ['QRS', 'TUV', 'WXY']
In[5]: list(product(*izip(seq1, seq2, seq3)))
[('ABC', 'DEF', 'GHI'),
 ('ABC', 'DEF', 'PUR'),
 ('ABC', 'DEF', 'WXY'),
 ('ABC', 'MNO', 'GHI'),
 ('ABC', 'MNO', 'PUR'),
 ('ABC', 'MNO', 'WXY'),
 ('ABC', 'TUV', 'GHI'),
 ('ABC', 'TUV', 'PUR'),
 ('ABC', 'TUV', 'WXY'),
 ('JKL', 'DEF', 'GHI'),
 ('JKL', 'DEF', 'PUR'),
 ('JKL', 'DEF', 'WXY'),
 ('JKL', 'MNO', 'GHI'),
 ('JKL', 'MNO', 'PUR'),
 ('JKL', 'MNO', 'WXY'),
 ('JKL', 'TUV', 'GHI'),
 ('JKL', 'TUV', 'PUR'),
 ('JKL', 'TUV', 'WXY'),
 ('QRS', 'DEF', 'GHI'),
 ('QRS', 'DEF', 'PUR'),
 ('QRS', 'DEF', 'WXY'),
 ('QRS', 'MNO', 'GHI'),
 ('QRS', 'MNO', 'PUR'),
 ('QRS', 'MNO', 'WXY'),
 ('QRS', 'TUV', 'GHI'),
 ('QRS', 'TUV', 'PUR'),
 ('QRS', 'TUV', 'WXY')]
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