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Use one md-switch to toggle a group of other md-switchs in HTML/JS

I am wanting to be able to toggle and untoggle entire group sections. When the group section is toggle off, I want the sections in the group toggle off as well or disabled. If the group section is toggled on, I want the sections toggled on as well or enabled. I added

to the group toggle with the function
. I also have a
inside the function that goes through the feeds in the group. I am just not sure what to add to turn off or on the feeds in the group.

Answer Source

I finally got this to work properly. These are the changes I made.


        <md-switch class="md-primary" ng-model="layerGroup.state" ng-change="toggleLayerGroup(layerGroup)" aria-label="{{layerGroup.displayName}} Toggle Switch"></md-switch>

      <div  ng-repeat="feed in layerGroup.feeds" layout="row" layout-align="start center" style="padding: 0 16px;">
        <!--FEED NAME-->
        <p flex class="m2" style="color: #FFFFFF;" ng-style="{ 'opacity' : layerGroup.state ? '1' : '.3' }">{{}}</p>
        <!--FEED SWITCH-->
        <md-switch class="md-primary" ng-model="feed.layerState" ng-disabled="!layerGroup.state" ng-change="toggleLayer(feed)" aria-label="{{}} Toggle Switch"></md-switch>

I added ng-style to show when the feeds are disabled. And ng-disabled to disable the switch when the layerGroupState is false.


// -- load feeds
  if (EcosystemService.currentUserOrg.feeds) {
    var feeds = EcosystemService.currentUserOrg.feeds;
    angular.forEach(feeds, function(feed, index) {
      var lg = $scope.layerGroups[feed.category];
      if(lg) {
        lg.feeds[] = feed;
        lg.feeds[].layerState = EcosystemService.currentUser.mapState.visibleLayers.indexOf( >= 0;
        if (lg.feeds[].layerState) {
          lg.state = true;

$scope.toggleLayerGroup = function (layerGroup) {
  if (layerGroup.state) {
    angular.forEach(layerGroup.feeds, function (feed) {

      if (EcosystemService.currentUser.mapState.visibleLayers.indexOf( < 0) {
      feed.layerState = true;
  else {
    angular.forEach(layerGroup.feeds, function (feed) {

      var ndex = EcosystemService.currentUser.mapState.visibleLayers.indexOf(;
      if (ndex >= 0) {
        EcosystemService.currentUser.mapState.visibleLayers.splice(ndex, 1);
      feed.layerState = false;

I added code to the place where the feeds are loaded and added code in toggleLayerGroup that will change the layerState dependending on the value of the layerGroup.

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