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Extract from DataRow or DataReader with one function

I'm looking for a solution for how to be able to extract data from a database when using either a DataRow and a DataReader with only one function (or one base function).

My problem stems from the fact that sometimes I need a DataReader and sometimes I need a DataTable/DataRow but then in order to extract the data from those objects I need two seperate Data access methods because they do not share an interface.

Basically when my database structure changes, I don't want to have to go in and write the following data retrieval code in multiple functions:

someValue = dr["someValue"]

It's the same syntax and does the same thing so I want a function that shares that functionality regardless of whether I'm using a DataReader or DataTable/DataRow to extract the data from the database.

Answer Source

You can use CreateDataReader method in DataTable class to access data through DbDataReader base class. Hence you can change the implementation but keep the mapping.

public List<MyType> GetMyTypeCollection(DbDataReader reader)
//mapping code here

It would be better if you can move to an ORM where you do not have to map manually.

Take a look at this micro ORM Dapper

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