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JSON Question

Looks like when I do fs.writeFile(), the changed file restarts nodemon. How to make it not restart?

I thinks what is happening is that for a callback to update a collection in mongoose I do a

and I think that is causing my nodemon to restart.

The cmd window:

file saved
[nodemon] restarting due to changes...
{ ok: 1, nModified: 0, n: 1 }
Anon user added to doc
{ ok: 1, nModified: 1, n: 1 }
[nodemon] starting `node server.js`
listenting on port: 3000

I don't want it to restart when

I get a new session when it restarts and I want to do stuff with that session while developing. I don't want to use mongo-store or session store right now. I just don't want node to restart or get a new session but I want to fix it without playing around with the session parameters.

So please confirm that because the all.json file changes that is why nodemon restarts . I know that it doesn't restart for jade or ejs files but I didn't know about

Also please suggest a solution.

Answer Source

Add the name/s of the file/s you're creating to a file called nodemon.json, and place it at the root of your working folder:

  "ignore": ["*.test.txt", "myfiles/*"],

See other options here.

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