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webpack error in Cannot find module 'less'

I'm trying to use less loader in webpack and the issues is - I've installed less loader locally, but when I try to compile everything using webpack command in bask, it prints out: "ERROR in Cannot find module 'less'". In my entry point I require some less file like


Here is my webpack.config file

module.exports = {

entry: "./entry.js",

output: {

path: "./build",

filename: "./bundle.js"


module: {

loaders: [

{test: /\.js$/, exlude: /node_modules/, loader: "babel-loader"},

{test: /\.less$/, loader: "style!css!less"}


What's the matter and how I should fix it?

Answer Source

It sounds like you haven't installed the less-loader into your node_modules. Installing it would fix this.

npm install less-loader --save-dev

Edit: Also you will get this error when you haven't installed the css-loader and style-loader that you are chaining less-loader to.

Anyone who comes across this can plus on the issue I submitted for the bad message.

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