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Java Question

How to call a super constructor from another inherited class?

I have been instructed to do the following:

  • Create a constructor with no arguments in Carnivore that call the super constructor in Animal.

Carnivore is a sub class of Animal which is the super class. so I am looking to call the constructor in Animal within Carnivore. Here is the code:

Animal super-class

abstract public class Animal

int age;
String name;
String noise;

Animal(String name, int age)
this.age = age;
this.name = name;

this("newborn", 0); //This is the super class that needs to be called in Carnivore.


Carnivore sub-class

public class Carnivore extends Animal

//Call Animal super constructor


I haven't worked with inheritance before so I'm still getting to grips with it. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


You can use super() to call super class constructor as shown below:

public class Carnivore extends Animal {

  Carnivore() {
    super(); //calls Animal() no-argument constructor

With super(), the superclass no-argument constructor is called. With super(parameter list), the superclass constructor with a matching parameter list is called.

I recommend you to refer here to understand the basics of inheritance and super.