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MySQL Question

dumping larg database backup or splitting large sql files into smaller parts to dump

I have a backup file from a big database. its about 85Mb in gzip format and 1.5Gb in sql format.

Now I want to import it in my local database. but no phpMyadmin and nor Naicat for Mysql can't do it. So i want an application to split it to smaller parts and import it part by part.
I tryed notepad++, glogg and TSE Pro ti read and manually split, but except TSE others couldn't open it and TSE hangs after selecting and cutting 10000 line of text.

I also tried Gsplit to split it but it seems Gsplit has it's own type for split-ed parts that isn't txt.

thanks for your help. your help may contain any other solution to restore my db in local...

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Thanks to @souvickcse the bigdump worked great.

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