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Highlight a row in Datagridview based on textbox value

Good Evening.

I have a program in VB.Net that refreshes datagridview after you edit some data my problem here is im populating over 1000 records.

Let say Im editing row 999 and after i click update the data will refresh causing the datagridview to return at the top (The blue highlighter)

My goal here is how can I maintain it to its current position after update?

My solution here is highlight the data where Textbox1 = value

Is this possible like this?

Datagridview1.Column(0).value.BlueHighLighter = Textbox1.text

Pls see my code on how i refresh DGV

Dim con11 As MySqlConnection = New MySqlConnection("server=;userid=root;password=admin1950;database=inventory")
Dim sql1 As MySqlCommand = New MySqlCommand("select PONo,ItemCode,Description,QtyPack,PackUoM,QtyStan,StanUoM,UnitPrice,Total,Remarks,ExpiryDate from Receiving where RINo = '" & Add_Receiving_Items.TextBox1.Text & "';", con1)
Dim ds1 As DataSet = New DataSet
Dim adapter1 As MySqlDataAdapter = New MySqlDataAdapter
adapter1.SelectCommand = sql1
adapter1.Fill(ds1, "MyTable")
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.DataSource = ds1.Tables(0)
With Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1()
.RowHeadersVisible = False
.Columns(0).HeaderCell.Value = "PO No"
.Columns(1).HeaderCell.Value = "Item Code"
.Columns(2).HeaderCell.Value = "Description"
.Columns(3).HeaderCell.Value = "Quantity/Pack"
.Columns(4).HeaderCell.Value = "Packaging UoM"
.Columns(5).HeaderCell.Value = "Quantity/Pc"
.Columns(6).HeaderCell.Value = "Standard UoM"
.Columns(7).HeaderCell.Value = "Unit Price"
.Columns(8).HeaderCell.Value = "Total"
.Columns(9).HeaderCell.Value = "Remarks"
.Columns(10).HeaderCell.Value = "Expiry Date"
End With

Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(0).Width = 80
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(1).Width = 80
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(2).Width = 120
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(3).Width = 86
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(4).Width = 68
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(5).Width = 75
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(6).Width = 68
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(7).Width = 70
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(8).Width = 80
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(9).Width = 105
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.Columns.Item(10).Width = 63
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.ColumnHeadersDefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.BottomCenter
Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1.ColumnHeadersDefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.BottomCenter
With Add_Receiving_Items.DataGridView1
.RowsDefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.WhiteSmoke
.AlternatingRowsDefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.Lavender
End With

TYSM for future help

Answer Source

Use DataGridView.CurrentRow property. But please be aware that CurrentRow is ReadOnly, you must use CurrentCell

Before refreshing your data store Dim oldIndex = DataGridView.CurrentRow.Index and after the refresh set DataGridView.CurrentCell = DataGridView.Rows(oldIndex).Cells(0)


My answer was downvoted without any comment. So I did a test and proved that the above code is working.

Create a form with a Button1 and a DataGridView1 with two columns and paste the following code:

Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        For i = 1 To 5
            DataGridView1.Rows.Add("foo" & i, "bar" & i)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        Dim currentIndex = DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index
        currentIndex += 1
        If currentIndex >= DataGridView1.Rows.Count Then currentIndex = 0

        DataGridView1.CurrentCell = DataGridView1.Rows(currentIndex).Cells(0)
    End Sub
End Class

Please motivate your downvotes

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