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Javascript Question

how can i get the raw stream url of a iheartradio station.

i am trying to make a discord bot to stream the iheart80s at 103.7 radio station,
and so far i can not find a direct stream url to give my discord bot.

i have tried to get the json via python but that just returns http.client.BadStatusLine: ICY 200 OK

i am using discord.js.
and here is the function i am trying to feed the stream url into:

const voiceChannel = CmdMsg.member.voiceChannel;
voiceChannel.join().then(connection => resolve(connection)).catch(err =>reject(err));
const stream = () => {
return request.get({
uri: CmdArg,
followAllRedirects: true,
encoding: null

CmdMsg.guild.voiceConnection.playStream(stream, { passes: token.passes });

Answer Source

You can use mitmproxy on a computer to inspect the traffic for the app. I was able to identify as the stream source of that radio station. Of course, the url may change over time, so ymmv.

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