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Spotify API redirect URL to local filesystem?

I'm trying to write a program for myself using Spotify's api. I have no intention of my software being public, I just need access to my own playlist data. The issue is, in order to actually get this information, I need to go through Spotify's authentication process. Part of this process is a redirect URL which it sends you back to once you've logged on. The issue is, I don't actually have my code/site online, its just on my local file system. How can I open up an html file on my local filesystem using spotify's redirect url?

enter image description here

I tried entering a path like I would for a cmd run command such as

but this did not appear to work.

Answer Source

I'm not sure about how Spotify's API works, but there are two options that I see.

  1. For the url, you could use file:///my-path but this might not work
  2. Use a localhost url. An easy way to do this is python's python -m SimpleHTTPServer.
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