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How to list all tables in PhpMyAdmin's left menu?

Does anyone know how to list every table (disable the pagination) in PhpMyAdmin's left menu? I have over 250 tables in my DB and now we are seeing the pageination. It's very annoying having to go back and forth and would be much easier to have them all listed.

We found the following variable:

$cfg['LeftDisplayTableFilterMinimum'] = 30

However, when I put it into our config file it doesn't appear to have any affect.

In the Documentation it says to set it to a big number to disable, we tried that as well with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks to @Cloudkiller, there's another configuration setting that might need to be changed (as of 4.3.6) in addition to Update V4:


Update V4:

According to Configuration Docs, you can modify:


The number of items that can be displayed on each page of the navigation tree.

Can also try:


The maximum number of table names to be displayed in the main panel’s list (except on the Export page). This limit is also enforced in the navigation panel when in Light mode.

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