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Disabling implicit animations in -[CALayer setNeedsDisplayInRect:]

I've got a layer with some complex drawing code in its -drawInContext: method. I'm trying to minimize the amount of drawing I need to do, so I'm using -setNeedsDisplayInRect: to update just the changed parts. This is working splendidly. However, when the graphics system updates my layer, it's transitioning from the old to the new image using a cross-fade. I'd like it to switch over instantly.

I've tried using CATransaction to turn off actions and set the duration to zero, and neither work. Here's the code I'm using:

[CATransaction begin];
[CATransaction setDisableActions: YES];
[self setNeedsDisplayInRect: rect];
[CATransaction commit];

Is there a different method on CATransaction I should use instead (I also tried -setValue:forKey: with kCATransactionDisableActions, same result).

Answer Source

You can do this by setting the actions dictionary on the layer to return [NSNull null] as an animation for the appropriate key. For example, I use

NSMutableDictionary *newActions = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] initWithObjectsAndKeys:[NSNull null], @"onOrderIn",
                                   [NSNull null], @"onOrderOut",
                                   [NSNull null], @"sublayers",
                                   [NSNull null], @"contents",
                                   [NSNull null], @"bounds",
layer.actions = newActions;
[newActions release];

to disable fade in / out animations on insertion or change of sublayers within one of my layers, as well as changes in the size and contents of the layer. I believe the contents key is the one you're looking for in order to prevent the crossfade on updated drawing.

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