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Books for OpenCV and Python?

Does anyone know if there are any books on OpenCV and Python?

I have OReilly Learning OpenCV book but its for C so I'm looking for books/pdfs/online tutorials specifically Python and OpenCV.

I've looked at was a helpful but I prefer having a book to work from.

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UPDATE (10/11/2013)

Now an official tutorial on OpenCV-Python is available at opencv website. It covers almost most of important functions of OpenCV-Python API. This tutorial is using OpenCV 3.x version. (So some tutorials may not be compatible with OpenCV 2.x)

Visit :

First Answer (20/5/2012)

There is not much tutorials on OpenCV and Python. Official ones are just the documentation and samples that come with opencv. But even some samples are difficult to understand for beginners.

And if you are specifically searching for books, no dedicated books on this topic until now. But I have seen a book with a single chapter on this topic. "Programming Computer Vision with Python" is that book. You can get a draft of that book here:

I too felt this difficulty due to lack of Python tutorials for opencv. So I had to read other language books, then convert code to python. You too can do that, it is not a difficult task.

That is the reason I made a blog on this topic. You can visit it ( if you hadn't already) :

There isn't much article in it right now, since I was busy. But within two months, I will be uploading more articles. And you can have some suggestions there on what tutorials you need. I will post them, if I know it.

Other tutorials, which are scattered over internet on different topics:

1) : Contain some samples using new cv2 interface. Also contain some C++ codes from official OpenCV tutorials converted to Python. So you use the official explanation along with Python code

2) : contain some examples for color tracking, contours etc. Uses old cv interface

3) - contain codes for thresholding,contours etc.

4) - generally python image processing, contains some OpenCV also.

Above are few, remaining you can find out by googling. But all will have less tutorial. I recommend you to check other language sites and books and convert them to Python.

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