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How do you scale the title bar on a DPI aware win application?

I am making my app dpi-aware per monitor by setting

in the manifest file. I can verify with process explorer that this is indeed working or by calling GetProcessDpiAwareness.

This is all working fine and I can scale anything in the client area fine in my code. However, my only problem is that if I drag my app from a system-dpi monitor to a non-system dpi monitor, the title bar and any system menu would either become too big or too small. This isn't the case for most built-in apps (e.g. calc, edge browser, etc..) so there must be away to scale it properly. Does anyone how the devs at MS did this?

The screenshot below should explain my problem better. Also notice, that the padding between the close, min, and max button is different when it's scaled (96dpi).


Sample app I'm attaching a very simple app that is per-monitor dpi aware.

hvd hvd
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Does anyone how the devs at MS did this?

This has a pretty disappointing answer. Using Alin Constantin's WinCheat and inspecting the top-level window of Calculator, I see a window size of 320x576, and a client size that is also 320x576.

In other words, Microsoft entirely avoids the problem by suppressing the non-client area of the window, putting everything in the client area instead. Making this work well for you may involve custom drawing of the title bar.

Something worth noting is that Calculator and e.g. Windows Explorer don't use the same colour for the title bars. Calculator doing custom drawing of the title bar would explain that perfectly.

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