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How to set SelectParameter in code behind in web forms application?

I keep getting the error, Must declare the scalar variable "@inspIdFk" when attempting to use the following:

protected void rgInspections_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
foreach (GridDataItem item in rgInspections.SelectedItems)
hdn_insp_id_pk.Value = item["inspIdPk"].Text;

string inspidvalue = hdn_insp_id_pk.Value;

if (HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("AKOB") || (HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("aMgr")))
SqlDataSource sdcRgActExps2 = new SqlDataSource();
sdcRgActExps2.ID = "sdcRgActExps2";
sdcRgActExps2.ConnectionString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DefaultConnection"].ConnectionString;
sdcRgActExps2.SelectCommand = "SELECT ae.actExpIdPk, ae.inspIdFk, ae.actExpDt, aet.actExpType, ae.actExpQty, ae.actExpRate, ae.actExpBill, (ae.actExpQty * ae.actExpRate) AS subTotal FROM inspActExps ae LEFT JOIN actExpTypes aet ON ae.actExpType = aet.actExpTypeIdPk WHERE ([inspIdFk] = @inspIdFk) AND actExpSecCd = 1 ORDER BY actExpDt";
sdcRgActExps2.SelectParameters.Add("@inspIdFk", inspidvalue);
rgActExps2.DataSource = sdcRgActExps2;

How can I successfully set the value of @inspIdFk? I verified that the query does pull data by removing inspIdFk = @inspIdFk from the WHERE clause.

Answer Source

As I understand it, SqlDataSource.SelectParameters.Add takes a value without an ampersand, so your add should look like this:

sdcRgActExps2.SelectParameters.Add("inspIdFk", inspidvalue);
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