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JSON Question

Excluding numbered-index elements of PDO::fetchAll()

$allrows = $pdo->fetchAll(); // select * from ....

I want to transform this
into JSON by doing :

echo (json_encode($allrowl,JSON_PRETTY_PRINT));

My problem is that this
will not only extracting data as associate array but also indexed array for each element, hence repeating elements.

"org_id": "1",
"0": "1",
"category": "A",
"1": "A",

"org_id": "2",
"0": "2",
"category": "A",
"1": "A",


Thank you.

Ray Ray
Answer Source

That's becuase the default fetch mode is FETCH_BOTH. CHange your mode to FETCH_ASSOC and you'll only get the non-numeric keys.

Assuming $pdo is a PDOStatement, set it like this prior to the fetch.


You can also set it in the fetch statement:

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