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Size not showing while downloading files from my website

I am running a blog on WordPress. For downloading some files from my blog, first I upload the files to my server in the folder /downloads. Then I link the file in my post. When a user clicks the download button, the download starts. But the problem is it doesn't show how much is the file size. It only shows how much is downloaded. I have provided a link below to check.

The site is in Wordpress. Hosted on Godaddy.

Sample post (pls check the download link) :

Answer Source

Create a PHP file locally, with this:

$file = file_get_contents('');

header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=test.apk');
header('Content-Type: application/');
header('Content-Length: '.strlen($file));

echo $file;

Make another file with a button link to that local PHP file. See if you get the same problem. If not, it may be because the browser doesn't know the file size until the server closes the connection.

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