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CSS Question

100% height button/label/input in a table cell iOS safari

I can't find a way to do this

There seems to be padding placed above and below the element, although I have set it zero



padding: 0;
height: 10em;
border: solid;

button {
height: 100%;
border:solid 10px #f00;

I don't want to use absolute position as the contents vary, and JS would be an overhead I couldn't live with!

Is there a known bug here? Would anyone have a link to it so I can watch it not get fixed for years and drives me to a stress related end

Thanks in advance

ios pic

enter image description here

chrome on win 10 (desired result)

enter image description here

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Thebutton, input, textarea, img, video, audio etc. are REPLACED ELEMENTS. The positioning rules for them are other than for standard elements. You can try to enclose replaced elements into a span or div.

Add <div/> inside <td/> and put <button/> into <div/> it will work properly. Add styles to new <div/> element and use:

  height: 100%;

<table><tr><td><div class="replaced-element-container"><button>hiya</button></div></td></tr></table>

Well, this is embarrassing but it meets W3C requirements.