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How to implement Multi-type IComparable / IEquatable in C#

Let say I have the following class:

public sealed class ScaleValue :
IComparable, IComparable<ScaleValue>, IEquatable<ScaleValue>
public double Value
{ get; set;}
public string Definition
{ get; set;}

// interface methods

If I want to make my class comparable to a
should I just include
and implement it that way or do I have to do it another way?

And when I want my class to be comparable to doubles should the
give the same result as the

and how about

I think I put the responsibilities wrong in my design.
I think my best option is to make a Scale class with a
ContainsValue(double Value)
This way I can look up the value and keep the responsibilities where they are needed.

Answer Source

What your class is comparable to is up to you. You could make it comparable to anything, as the non-generic version of the IComparable interface takes an object; in the implementation of CompareTo method, you can basically sniff the type of the object (unless it is null).

When you use the generic version of IComparable<T>, you're making the statement that you implement a strongly-typed comparison method to whatever the type parameter T is.

Generally, if you have an IComparable<T> implementation for one type, you probably should have an IEquatable<T> implementation as well.

Having an IComparable/IComparable<T> implementation means that what is being represented by the structure has a natural ordering to it. Ordering also implies that there can be equality between two instances: if instance a of T is not greater than or less than instance b of T then it must be equal.

To that end, if you implement IComparable/IComparable<T>, then logic dictates that you implement IEquatable/IEquatable<T>.

Of course, when you implement IEquatable/IEquatable<T>, you should override Equals and GetHashCode.

Which in turn means that you should override all the comparison operators:

  • == (which implies !=)
  • < and <=
  • > and >=
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