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Android Question

Sigin my app with Google Account in Android

I have learned that there are many ways to sign in app with Google Account.
Here are two ways:

  1. Use
    GOOD: can get user's email address and authToken.
    BAD: can not get user's avatar and nickname.

  2. Use
    Google+ Api
    GOOD: can get user's all info , but email address.
    BAD: no email address, and the view's style is not matching to my app.


1 .How can i get avatar and nickname by using only

  1. Is the Google+ Api's view be changed ? Any documents?

Thanks for any help!

Answer Source

You can get the Email address via the Google+ API. You need to add the appropriate scopes and permission.

The scopes are


And you need the following permission


Then you can retrieve the Email address with the AccountApi

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