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Javascript Question

Cloning an Object in Node.js

What is the best way to clone an object in node.js

e.g. I want to avoid the situation where:

var obj1 = {x: 5, y:5};
var obj2 = obj1;
obj2.x = 6;
console.log(obj1.x); // logs 6

The object may well contain complex types as attributes, so a simple for(var x in obj1) wouldn't solve. Do I need to write a recursive clone myself or is there something built in that I'm not seeing?

Answer Source

Low-frills deep copy:

var obj2 = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj1));

For a shallow copy, use Node's built-in util._extend() function.

var extend = require('util')._extend;

var obj1 = {x: 5, y:5};
var obj2 = extend({}, obj1);
obj2.x = 6;
console.log(obj1.x); // still logs 5

Source code of Node's _extend function is in here:

exports._extend = function(origin, add) {
  // Don't do anything if add isn't an object
  if (!add || typeof add !== 'object') return origin;

  var keys = Object.keys(add);
  var i = keys.length;
  while (i--) {
    origin[keys[i]] = add[keys[i]];
  return origin;
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