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Angular: How to change the color of cell table if condition is true

I have an object which has a variable called

. In my html table I want to change the cell color if
is true. I am using angular.

<tr ng-repeat="list in results">
<% if (!{{list.changeColor}} ) %>
<% { %>
<td bgcolor="red">{{list.value}}</td>
<% } %>

But after testing it is always red and the
<% if (! ) %> <% { %> <% } %>
is written in my html page! Can you please help me?

Tested this

<td style=".red {bgcolor: red;} .black {bgcolor: black;}"
ng-class='{red : list.changeColor, black: !list.changeColor}'>

But it does not work

Answer Source

You have to use ng-class

<tr ng-repeat="list in results">
    <td ng-class='{red : list.changeColor, black: !list.changeColor}'>{{list.value}}</td>


<style type="text/css">
.red {
    color: red; 

.black {
    color: black;
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