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Python - Convert currency code to its sign

In Python, how can I convert currency code to its sign?

For example,

would be converted to
, and
would be converted to

If there isn't a generic way to do this, is there any simple dictionary of these on the Web?


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Using the locale module:

import locale

locales=('en_AU.utf8', 'en_BW.utf8', 'en_CA.utf8',
    'en_DK.utf8', 'en_GB.utf8', 'en_HK.utf8', 'en_IE.utf8', 'en_IN', 'en_NG',
    'en_PH.utf8', 'en_US.utf8', 'en_ZA.utf8',
    'en_ZW.utf8', 'ja_JP.utf8')
for l in locales:
    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, l)
    print('{ics} ==> {s}'.format(ics=conv['int_curr_symbol'],


AUD  ==> $
BWP  ==> Pu
CAD  ==> $
DKK  ==> kr
GBP  ==> £
HKD  ==> HK$
EUR  ==> €
INR  ==> ₨
NGN  ==> ₦
PHP  ==> Php
USD  ==> $
ZAR  ==> R
ZWD  ==> Z$
JPY  ==> ¥

Note you need the locale information installed on your machine. On Ubuntu, this means having the right language-pack-* packages installed.

On *nix systems, you can find the list of known locales (e.g. en_GB.utf8) with

locale -a

I don't know of a way to obtain this list from within Python (without using subprocess).

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