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C: Incompatible pointer to integer conversion

I have a struct with dates and time.

struct datetime{
int hour;

When I try to assign the correct hour to my own struct-hour, I get an error.

struct tm tm_struct = *localtime(time(NULL));

dt->hour = tm_struct->tm_hour;

First I get an incompatible pointer conversion error on the first line, then I get an error about using
instead of

Any help would be appreciated :)

Answer Source

localtime expects a pointer to time_t as its argument. Instead you are passing time_t value itself, which is the root of your first problem. Typically because of this you will have to introduce an intermediate named time_t object to hold the result of time

time_t t = time(NULL);
struct tm tm_struct = *localtime(&t);

preventing you from using your original one-liner.

But by using compound literals you can still express it as a one-liner

struct tm tm_struct = *localtime(&(time_t) { time(NULL) });

if you so desire.

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