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How to convert a nested scala collection to a nested Java collection

I'm having compilation issues between Scala and Java.

My Java code needs a

java.util.Map<Double, java.lang.Iterable<Foo>>

My scala code has a

Map[Double, Vector[Foo]]

I get the compilation error:

error: type mismatch;
found : scala.collection.immutable.Map[scala.Double,Vector[Foo]
required: java.util.Map[java.lang.Double,java.lang.Iterable[Foo]]

It seems the scala.collection.JavaConversions don't apply to nested collections, even though a Vector can be implictly converted to an Iterable. Short of iterating through the scala collection and doing the conversion by hand, is there something I can do to make the types work?

Answer Source

scala.collection.JavaConversions should be deprecated IMHO. You are better off being explicit about where and when the conversion happens by using scala.collection.JavaConverters. In your case:

import scala.collection.JavaConverters._

type Foo = Int // Just to make it compile
val scalaMap = Map(1.0 -> Vector(1, 2)) // As an example

val javaMap = { 
  case (d, v) => d -> v.toIterable.asJava
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