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JSON Question

Access values in nested foreach PHP

I have a JSON file. (Steam API). I want to display player inventory in my website. I use this url:

Then I decode it with


Now there are two arrays: rgInventory and rgDescription. I need to check if class id in rgInventory and classid in rgDescription match I use some of values in igDescription.

So I think I should use 2 foreach loop and a if condition to check if class id match. then I echo out the information I need.

The question is how should I use nested foreach?

Answer Source

You can use two nested foreach loops like this:

Assuming that $decoded_data is your decoded data after applying json_decode() function on the end result, like this: $decoded_data = json_decode($your_json_data, true);

foreach($decoded_data['rgInventory'] as $arr1){
    foreach($decoded_data['rgDescriptions'] as $arr2){
        if($arr1['classid'] == $arr2['classid']){

            // both the classid matches
            // your code

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