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How to integrate Samsung Gear Steps in android Application?

I want to integrate Samsung Gear device for steps in my application, also jawbone Steps and misfit Steps. I've looked at several things, like the Samsung Gear Site, but found nothing that works for me.

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For connection and data transfer between mobile android device and Samsung Gear device , Accessory Protocol is defined. So, the option available here is using Accessory SDK for Android mobile and Tizen wearable.

Tizen provides HumanActivityMonitor for 3rd party developers to retrieve Pedometer step count data.

I have developed a sample app in Tizen platform for reading pedometer step count data in gear and send the data to Consumer Android mobile app while the mobile and wearable is connected through Samsung Gear Manager. Its just a customization over the sample apps available on the sites reffered.

I am sharing the code of the tizen web app along with the installer(.wgt) file. If you are not interested in tizen development right now, you may install the app directly to the Samsung gear using the wgt file.

I am also sharing the code of the android app along with the installer(.apk) file. You may try a sample transmission between the devices and do your code on android platform as necessary. I have tested the apps on my devices and they are working good, though some data inconsistency occurs.

Zip file link:

Android consumer app (apk)

Android consumer app (code)

Tizen provider app (wgt)

Tizen provider app (code)


enter image description here enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

Human activity monitor API

Human Activity Monitor Guide

Accessory SDK

Please read the Accessory guide and HumanActivityMonitor guide for details implementation, you would find simple explanation there.

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