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Node.js Question

Load and execute external js file in node.js with access to local variables?

Is it easy/possible to do a simple include('./path/to/file') type of command in node.js?

All I want to do is have access to local variables and run a script. How do people typically organize node.js projects that are bigger than a simple hello world? (A fully functional dynamic website)

For example I'd like to have directories like:



... etc

Answer Source

Just do a require('./yourfile.js');

Declare all the variables that you want outside access as global variables. So instead of

var a = "hello" it will be

GLOBAL.a="hello" or just

a = "hello"

This is obviously bad. You don't want to be polluting the global scope. Instead the suggest method is to export your functions/variables.

If you want the MVC pattern take a look at Geddy.

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