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CSS Question

flipbox overlap with eachother after jquery show/hide

I have a problem with flipboxes developed in Avada WordPress theme, I'm trying to hide some flipboxes from the page and display it when user clicks a link.

The jQuery functions are working normal, only when the content appears again it has wrong CSS values and if I try to inspect elements the CSS values reloads itself and the problem become fixed.
I tried to change

but didn't work, any help is appreciated.

Vel Vel
Answer Source

Instead hiding #more-locations-div div by display:none, try height:0; overflow:hidden

jQuery("#more-locations-div").css("height", "0").css("overflow", "hidden");
jQuery("#loadmorebtn").on("click" ,function(){jQuery("#loadmorebtn").remove();jQuery("#more-locations-div").css("height", "auto");});
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