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Python Question

Get a list of subdirectories

I know I can do this:

data = sc.textFile('/hadoop_foo/a')
data = sc.textFile('/hadoop_foo/*')

However, I would like to count the size of the data of every subdirectory of "/hadoop_foo/". Can I do that?

In other words, what I want is something like this:

subdirectories = magicFunction()
for subdir in subdirectories:
data sc.textFile(subdir)

I tried with:

In [9]: [x[0] for x in os.walk("/hadoop_foo/")]
Out[9]: []

but I think that fails, because it searches at the local directory of the driver (the gateway in that case), while "/hadoop_foo/" lies in the . Same for "hdfs:///hadoop_foo/".

After reading How can I list subdirectories recursively for HDFS?, I am wondering if there is a way to execute:

hadoop dfs -lsr /hadoop_foo/

in code..

From Correct way of writing two floats into a regular txt:

In [28]: os.getcwd()
Out[28]: '/homes/gsamaras' <-- which is my local directory

Answer Source

With python use hdfs module; walk() method can get you list of files.

The code sould look something like this:

from hdfs import InsecureClient

client = InsecureClient('http://host:port', user='user')
for stuff in client.walk(dir, 0, True):

With Scala you can get the filesystem (val fs = FileSystem.get(new Configuration())) and run, boolean)

You can also execute a shell command from your script with os.subprocess but this is never a recommended approach since you depend on text output of a shell utility here.

Eventually, what worked for the OP was using subprocess.check_output():

subdirectories = subprocess.check_output(["hadoop","fs","-ls", "/hadoop_foo/"])
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