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Python Question

"Unused wild import": Why?

Whenever I import from another module using an asterisk (

from <anymodule> import *
) I am fined with an "Unused wild import"-warning. It appears as if this is not the right way to do the import, but why does that syntax exist if we shouldn't be using it?


That message just tells you that you are importing features from a module that you don't need, which means you should probably import just what you need. You shuld simply use from foobar import x, y where x and y are the elements you actually need.

The syntax from foobar import * is more useful in the command-line interpreter when you don't want to think or type many more characters for little benefit. But in a real project, you should not use that syntax since if you use it, it will not be clear which feature from the module you are going to use.