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Apache Configuration Question

wamp - www directory doesnt open new document root

I have changed default c:/wamp/www/ path to new directory c:/projectfolder/www/ in http.conf

The change has reflected, however when I click on the www directory in the wamp system tray (in windows 7), its still opening the old location c:/wamp/www/

I have restarted the service and exited wamp and relaunched and also rebooted the system but it still opens the old location.

Is this path taken from wamp settings somewhere instead of httpd.conf?

Note: Its not an issue for me except that I have to create a shortcut in explorer but I am running with another issue with flex, which I am not sure is anyway related to this.

Answer Source

Change the following part in the file C:\wamp\wampmanager.ini

Type: item; Caption: "www directory"; Action: shellexecute; FileName: "c:/projectfolder/www/"; Glyph: 2

Here change the FileName to your new folder

Also change the following line in C:\wamp\scripts\

$wwwDir = 'c:/projectfolder/www';//To ur new project directory
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