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CSS Question

What is the CSS equivalent of Photoshop paragraph format: "justify last right"

I have this case where I use

text-align: justify
direction: rtl
(because I want the last line to float to the right).
The problem is that if my text starts and ends with ellipses, these are not placed correctly.

direction: rtl
is a completely wrong approach and causes problems with punctuation. To say the truth I was misled by the accepted answer here: Text-align justify but to the right?

What I needed was

text-align-last: right;
-moz-text-align-last: right;

Also check:

Answer Source

EDIT: The proper way of aligning the last line of the paragraph is with a use of the


CSS property. With a value set to right in this case. The property has no effect in the Safari browsers, so be aware of that.

below is the original answer which addresses the problem from the question

There is a similar situation described in this question:

Browsers render final comma on the begenning

Based on that, a possible workaround to your problem would be wrapping each ellipsis in a container with modified encoding, like this:

<span style="unicode-bidi: bidi-override;">...</span>
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