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Java Question

Is it possible using the Java AWS API to update a Route53 record?

I have a hosted domain on AWS Route53. Under that domain I have an 'A' record for a subdomain.

I would like to be able to update the IP address of the 'A' record using the Java API. However, when looking at the

method of the
class, it only accepts the
values. This seems to match the allowed values in the XML message that the Java API sends behind the scenes.

Is there any way to just update the IP address, or do I have to delete the original record and then create it again?


Answer Source

The only way is to use DELETE / CREATE sequence as mentioned here.

Creating a Change Batch Request

To create a change batch request, use the ChangeResourceRecordSets action ChangeBatch element. You use CREATE and DELETE actions within the ChangeBatch element for each record that you want to update. If you are only creating records, then you will only use CREATE actions.

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