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AngularJS Question

Share async data between controllers without making multiple requests

I'm trying to make a single

request to get one of my JSON files and use the data across all my controllers.

I saw on how to share data across multiple controllers, and I've also read this StackOverflow question: "Sharing a variable between controllers in angular.js".

However, the answers there don't use the
module. When using
, the controllers don't have the data to work on, and by the time the response is received it's already too late.

I then found the method
and this question on StackOverflow: "AngularJS share asynchronous service data between controllers"

The solution posted there works fine, BUT it has two issues:

  1. Each controller will trigger the
    request to obtain the same data already used in another controller; and,

  2. If I try to manipulate the data received I have a

Below you can see my code:


'use strict';

/* Controllers */

function appInstallerListCtrl($scope, Data) {
$scope.apps = Data;

function appInstallerDetailCtrl($scope, $routeParams, Data) {
$scope.appId = $routeParams.appId;
$scope.apps = Data;
console.log($scope.apps); // <-- then function
console.log(Data); // <-- then function with $vv data returned but I can't access it

for (var i in $scope.apps) // <--- no way, baby!


var app = angular.module('appInstaller', []);

app.factory('Data', function($http, $q) {
var defer = $q.defer();
$http.get('apps.json').then(function(result) {
return defer.promise;

app.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
when('/app', {templateUrl: 'partials/app-list.html', controller: appInstallerListCtrl}).
when('/app/:appId', {templateUrl: 'partials/app-detail.html', controller: appInstallerDetailCtrl}).
otherwise({redirectTo: '/app'});

What I'd like to have is that when launching the app, the
request will be performed and the response will be used throughout the app across all controllers.


Answer Source

Since you are using a promise, to access the data returned by promise use the callback syntax

function appInstallerDetailCtrl($scope, $routeParams, Data) {
  $scope.appId = $routeParams.appId;
   Data.then(function(returnedData) {
        for (var i in $scope.apps)

Make sure this


resolve returns array, for the above code to work. Or else see what is there in data and ajust the controller code.

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