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Javascript Question

Regex for Date Validation in javascript

pls can somebody give the date validation regex, which will allow the following rules are

  1. It should allow mm/dd/yyyy, m/d/yyyy, mm/d/yyyy, m/d/yyyy (not allow yy)

  2. Number of days for month (30 and 31) validation.

  3. Feb month validation for leap & non leap years.


Try this:


and then if you got a valid string from the above regex then with string manipulations, do something like below:

    var tokens = text.split('/');  //  text.split('\/');
    var day    = parseInt(tokens[0], 10);
    var month  = parseInt(tokens[1], 10);
    var year   = parseInt(tokens[2], 10);
    //show error
    //Invalid date format