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Angular 2: Passing Data to Routes?

I am working on this angular2 project in which I am using

to navigate from one component to other.

There are 2 components. i.e.

I want to navigate from PagesComponent to DesignerComponent.

So far its routing correctly but I needed to pass
Object so designer can load that page object in itself.

I tried using RouteParams But its getting page object

below is my code:


import {Component, OnInit ,Input} from 'angular2/core';
import { GlobalObjectsService} from './../../shared/services/global/global.objects.service';
import { ROUTER_DIRECTIVES, RouteConfig } from 'angular2/router';
import { DesignerComponent } from './../../designer/designer.component';
import {RouteParams} from 'angular2/router';

selector: 'pages',
templateUrl: 'app/project-manager/pages/pages.component.html'
{ path: '/',name: 'Designer',component: DesignerComponent }

export class PagesComponent implements OnInit {
@Input() pages:any;
public selectedWorkspace:any;
constructor(private globalObjectsService:GlobalObjectsService) {
ngOnInit() { }

In the html, I am doing following:

<scrollable height="300" class="list-group" style="overflow-y: auto; width: auto; height: 200px;" *ngFor="#page of pages">
{{}}<a [routerLink]="['Designer',{page: page}]" title="Page Designer"><i class="fa fa-edit"></i></a>

In the DesignerComponent constructor I have done the following:

constructor(params: RouteParams) { = params.get('page');

So far its routing correctly to designer, but when I am trying to access
Object in designer then its showing
Any solutions?

Answer Source

You can't pass objects using router params, only strings because it needs to be reflected in the URL. It would be probably a better approach to use a shared service to pass data around between routed components anyway.

The old router allows to pass data but the new (RC.1) router doesn't yet.


data was re-introduced in RC.4 How do I pass data in Angular 2 components while using Routing?

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