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Javascript Question

Disable number spacing in card number field on Braintree v3.2.0

example of current card number field

Hi all,

I've read the documentation but cant seem to find a simple way of disabling the space made after 4 digits are entered in the card number field. Is there a simple option I can turn to false or will I have to edit the JS?

On some older browser its causing credit card numbers to start jumbling when clients are typing their card number in. I know braintree only supports certain browsers but people are complaining and this seems to be the only issue.

If there's not a simple option to turn false i'll look at editing the js myself, just wanted to know if there is before I start doing that.

Answer Source

formatInput in the fields array with help you.


number: { selector: "#card-number", placeholder: "Card Number", formatInput: false, },


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