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Python Question

Python REGEX ignore case at the beginning of the sentence and take the rest

I have this kind of results:

ª!è[008:58:049]HTTP_CLI:0 - Line written in...

And I want to ignore all the beginning characters like
and get only:
HTTP_CLI:0 - Line written in...
but in a simple regex line.

I tried this:
but is taking the extended ASCII characters plus the time and is not ignoring it, is doing the opposite...

Any help?


Answer Source

If you want to get everything after the closing square bracket, no matter what, and skip everything before that you can go with a match like this:

s = "ª!è[008:58:049]HTTP_CLI:0 - Line written in..."
m = re.match(r'^.*?]([\S\s]*)', s)

Print's 'HTTP_CLI:0 - Line written in...'

This expression looks through an arbitrary number of characters before the closing bracket and matches everything after that. The matched group is available with

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