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Python Question

POST request to URL with different JSON content executes successfully only for the last value of the file input

I have written a python script to read values from a text file individually and then do GET request to get data for each value from the URI. I am making a change to the data and will POST data to the same URI.

However, the issue I am facing here is :
1. If I use 10 values in the input file first 9 values give 500 server error and the last one executes successfully with Response 200 OK and successfully updates data.
2. When I remove the last value and run it again, same repeats(8 failed with 500 and 1 success with 200 OK). This repeats for any number of values.
3. Script always runs successfully for one input value.

Please check the script and help.


import sys
import requests
import json

POSTAPI_PROD = URI here(not mentioned since public forum)
POSTAPI_HEADERS = headers here

#returns the POST response code for each value from payload data
def post_response_with_value(post_payload):
responsePost =,headers = POSTAPI_HEADERS,data=post_payload)

#replaces the intended data for each value from payload data
def replace_data_with_value(payload_data):
post_payload = "replace function here" //works fine
print "replace success"

#get the response for each value.Invokes replace method
def get_resposne_with_value(value):
#input_url="URL/%s" % value
response = requests.request("GET",input_url)

#reads values from input file.Invokes for 'GET' responses for each value
def read_input_file_with_value():
with open('file.txt', 'r') as data:
for value in data:
print "read file is success"


Answer Source

try to remove , \r \n

for value in data:
    clean_value = value.rstrip()
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