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node expressJwt unless specify id route

We are using the expressJwt library and I want to be able to exclude the

for the following route
but not include any routes that look like

So far, I've only been able to exclude all routes that have the

Below is how we've achieved excluding
routes that have
.{ secret: secrets.JWT }).unless({
path: [
{ url: /\/api\/items\/(.)/, methods: ['GET'] },

I've tried
{ url: /\/api\/items\/(.)\//, methods: ['GET'] }
but it then does not match to any routes and so no routes with
get excluded.

There's something off in the way I'm using the regex, but I'm having a hard time seeing it. Do I need to change the
to not be a match all? I imagine it might be matching the trailing slashes

Answer Source

You may use


The [^\/]* negated character class matches 0 or more chars other than / and the ^ / $ anchors make sure the pattern will be tried against the whole string.

See the regex demo.


  • ^ - start of string anchor
  • \/api\/items\/ - matches a literal /api/items/ substring
  • ([^\/]*) - Capturing group 1: any 0+ chars other than /.
  • $ - end of string anchor. Note that in case you want to make sure the [^\/]* has no / after, add a $ end of string anchor at the end.
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