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Regex for phone number validation

I have to find in string a phone number with conditions:

  • Start with

  • with

  • with maximum 2 character
    (Not at start or end)

My regex, but it not work:


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It is a bit tricky. First, your regexp kind of has the right idea. Given that the length changes with number of dashes, we need to check each case separately. (There might be a better way, but I can't think of one.) However, (\d+-\d+){11,12} does not mean "length being 11-12", but "11-12 repetitions of \d+-\d+, giving you way more than 11-12 characters. Even if it were correct, because of the order of the disjunction, you would not be able to match 0123456789-1, because 10 digits would be found first, and ten digits followed by dash and another digit would not even be checked.

If you were trying to validate the whole string, it would have been easier, as you can use anchors ^ and $ to find the end. Without it, it is a little trickier:


The first part, (?=[\d-]{13,14}(?![\d-]))0\d+-\d+-\d+(?![\d-]), checks for the two-dash pattern. (?=[\d-]{13,14}(?![\d-])) checks whether you have 13-14 digit-or-dash characters after which you don't have a digit nor a dash. After making sure there is such a region, we make sure there are exactly two dashes in between digits (and making sure the whole thing is, again, not followed by a digit-or-dash - this anchor synchronises the condition in our lookahead and in the main pattern).

The second part, (?=[\d-]{12,13}(?!-|\d))0\d+-\d+(?![\d-]), is analogous, checking for one-dash matches. The third part, \d{10,11}, is trivially simple, and finds no-dash matches.

All of this is under the assumption that sawa's needling is on-point: that 0123456789- is not a match. If it is, you will need to change some plusses into stars.


EDIT: The Rubular pattern still has the wrong \d{11,12} for the dashless case, can't be bothered to generate another Rubular :P

EDIT2: Thought of a better way.


Make sure there's 10-11 digits, and make sure there's 0-2 dashes. The anchor idea is the same as in the previous one.